We had worked on over 700 Teslas and counting!

Rolotech Car Wraps offer a wide range of options when it comes to work on Teslas. Since 2012 when the first Tesla Model S came out to the market, the first thing that customer wanted to change was the chrome trims all around the car.

We started offering the famous Tesla Chrome delete and in 6 months we had already done over 100 of them. Shortly later, two years the Model X was release and we already had scheduled more than 10 in that same month.

Most of the customers wanted to get that satin finish but a few were seeking a more glossy finish. Satin, matte and glossy has always been available.Years went by and Tesla released the Model 3 which also made customers look at us for the chrome delete, this time the car came with a lot less chrome than his previous Models.

We also offer: Wheel powder coating services, Window tinting, headlight tint, protection and Full wraps

Tesla Model S Glossy gray Full Wrap
Tesla Model S